Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest Blood Work

Doctor's appointment today
A1C is 7.7
Ideally it should be under 7
For now I am going to work harder at having small portions of food and not eating out as much.
I will also kick up the Exercise a notch or two.
I have to get it down before my next Doctor's visit in October!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Potato Chips

It is things like this... My favorite flavor of Lay's Potato Chips... Garden Tomato and Basil (normally $4.29 a bag) here on sale 2 for $5 that makes me a little angry about being Diabetic!

They taste so good!

However had I purchased the 2 bags that I was craving I would probably have consumed at least 1/2 a bag by now.

I resisted temptation, and for this I am pleased.

I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow.
At the last appointment I needed to improve.
Please God, give me slightly better results then last time, and if not please help me have the strength to do better with my diet and exercise.

Update to follow.