Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31

So yesterday I was a little below ideal blood sugar, and today I was a little above.
I was still up at 7am and some friends asked if I wanted to meet them for breakfast, and of course I did.
I had scrambled eggs, bacon, homefries and toast. Delicious! but did I really need to add the half order of biscuits and gravy? Probably Not!!!!!
So then I went to bed, and 6.5 hours later I had a blood sugar of 132.
Considering what I had eaten, and the fact that it was not the full 8 hours when I took my sugar, then I guess it wasn't too high.
So my parents came over around 4pm and I cooked for them.
Salad with fruits and walnuts, tortellini with spinach, pesto and peas, and sauted chicken, peppers and onions with tomato sauce.
We were all pleased and it was delicious!
Before and during work I had a cereal bar and an apple.
Then afterwards we went to Pom Pom's Teahouse where I had the grits of the day and the Hula Hula girl salad.
a good day of Eatin'.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30

Blood sugar is getting low, is that too low?
I will be anxious for the next Doctor's appointment to see what she thinks, I know that she did tell me she would like for it to be between 90 and 120.
So I started off today with a quesadilla that had the rest of the meatloaf and some goat cheese in it.
I also mixed a little BBQ sauce with some low fat sour cream and made a dipping sauce for it.
Then before work I heated up the last portion on Moussaka that was in the freezer.
About half way through my shift I think I experienced my blood sugar being low.
This has only happened to me once before, but I hear people talking about it all of the time. It was at the busiest point of the night and I got all sweaty and clammy, and I noticed that my hands were kind of shaky. So I went ahead and ate the chocolate peanut butter cereal bar (I usually save it for the end of the night) and after eating it everything stopped. It seamed to have done the trick.
Does anyone know if that's what was happening to me?
Once I got home I was feeling mediterranean and so I made some falafel and some fried cauliflower, tomato and parsley salad, both served with a drizzle of tahini sauce, along with some green beans.
Followed by a 20 minute walk on the treadmill.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 29

Blood Sugar 84
Today I started by going to see my friend Pom. She just opened her second shop. Pom Pom's teahouse and Sandwicheria.
I did some pictures of her food for her to hang on the walls.
Plus Addison took my favorite one of "The Veggie" and put it on a T Shirt.
Addison, Ashton and myself went and of course I had to order the Veggie, hold the 1000 Island.
Delicious and I am so glad that she is now a chain.
Then Addison and i did some shopping and ate at the falafel cafe where I got the Vegetarian lunch special.
I went to SPICE for dinner with some friends where I started with the eggplant medallions (basically an eggplant parmesan) and then for my entree I had the rosemary stuffed chicken.
Then we went to see Phantom of the Opera!
Once I got home I had another grilled meatloaf sandwich and now am off to bed.

Day 28

Blood Sugar 82
I call today "The Day of the Grilled Sandwich"
I started this morning with two pieces of French Toast, which I built into a sandwich filled with light cream cheese and sugar free strawberry jam.
Lunch was a Grilled Cheese made with White Cheddar.
Then I had an excellent workout with Lynn, I'm sure my legs will be sore tomorrow.
Dinner I made a low fat mushroom meatloaf from my Cuisine Light cookbook, along with some mashed cauliflower.
Then after work I took some of the leftovers and made a grilled meatloaf sandwich.
I probably should have thrown some green vegetables in there, but it was a delicious day!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27

Blood Sugar 87
It has been 27 days and I haven't missed a posting.
It is interesting for me to look back at some of these posts and see how my numbers have stayed similar in some cases, and had huge jumps in others.
All in all I am very glad that I have been doing this.
I feel that it is teaching me some things that I shouldn't be doing, and helping me out with things that I should be doing.
and although this has been something that I have struggled with for a couple of years, and will continue to struggle with, I feel that I am finally at the beginning stages of figuring this diabetes thing out.
Now about today's food.
Delicious lunch at Chipotle.
vegetarian fajita burrito bowl with the works.
Delicious dinner at Graffiti Junktion.
Well done burger with pepper jack, avocado and grilled onions with a combination of regular fries and zucchini fries.
I also finished up my hummus today.
I'm cooking for Jeff and Addison tomorrow.
Trying a new recipe, should be good!
Lets hope.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26

Blood Sugar 82!
I think today went reasonably well.
I started just picking a little bit... two crackers with hummus, a handful of carrots and a couple crowns of broccoli.
I knew that I had early dinner plans around 5pm.
I went to the gym and had a great workout with Lynn.
Then I met Daniel for dinner at one of my favorites .... Season's 52!
I started with the Tandoori chicken. It was really large for an appetizer portion, and it was perfectly seasoned and quite tasty.
We had an excellent server named Renee.
My Entree was the Winter Vegetable Plate, and I also got a side of curried cauliflower.
You can see from the photo how they use their plating to make everything pleasing to the eyes.
I even decided to live on the edge and have dessert .... Carrot Cake shooter!
I left there feeling extremely satisfied, although I was not miserably full.
Several hours later Addison and I went to Steak N Shake and Wal-Mart.
I had a cup of Chili and a BLT (hold the mayo)
a very filling day foodwise, and overall I don't think I did too bad.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25

Well, yesterday I did much better, and so this morning's sugar was 79.
Although it is great that it is back to where it should be, is it bad that it dropped 110 from the previous day?
Not so good for staying consistent.
So i started today with a few grapes and some raw veggies. Then for lunch I had a small salad, some green beans, and half of a baked chicken breast with some cheddar and BBQ sauce on it. Before work 2 crackers with hummus, at work a cereal bar, and when I got home a whole wheat Pita, slathered with hummus, covered in sauted veggies and thrown under the broiler.
It was actually quite delicious!
Lets hope tomorrow is good too!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24

I cheated!
Last night after I had blogged I attempted to go to bed, however I was unsuccessful.
After about an hour I got back up and watched TV. I then went into the kitchen and I had the rest of the baked brie, some more hummus and pita, 4 truffles and the rest of a container of cool whip. I was like a crazy person! When I get this way I feel like an addict. It might sound silly, but there is no difference between smoking cigarettes, drinking, drugs, and binge eating. It's all the same and it is all addiction!
So.... was I really surprised this morning when my blood sugar was 189? No, not really! The worst it has been so far this year!
I did do better today.
My breakfast was an egg scramble with peppers, shallots and spinach, a handful of grapes and a piece of whole wheat raisin toast. Before work I had a banana and a bagel with light cream cheese. and after work we went to Pom Pom's and I had a Cobb sandwich on Pumpernickel (substitute the turkey for ham) and peanut noodle.
I need to keep unhealthy food out of my house!
I only have 2 truffles left.
Lets see how long it takes me to eat them.......

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23

144, better then the previous day!
I started out by putting out my veggie tray, and the pita chips and hummus.
Rather then eating meals today, I just sort of picked all day.
Before work I did get on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and then I made a pizza with a Whole Wheat Pita and some veggies.
I just broiled it for a couple of minutes and it came out quite delicious!
Then after work I picked some more, and also had a salad.
I am anxious to see what tomorrow's blood sugar is!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 22

Today was interesting!
I got to my friend William's house late last night (around 4am) and we stayed up and watched tv until around 8am, when I had a peanut butter and jelly and some potato chips.
Then I went to bed and slept until about 1pm.
Now I always have a crazy schedule, but this had really thrown me off track!
So when I got up and took my blood sugar it was 184. YIKES!
Now, was this because I had eaten poorly? or was this because I had only 5 hours worth of a fast?
Had I waited another 3 hours (8 is usual) would it have been normal?
Who knows!
I do know that I am glad to be getting back on schedule!
So we went to lunch at Manny's Chophouse in Hanes City.
I had heard them talk about it before, but this was my first time going.
I had a couple of yeast rolls with cinnamon butter, and a little salad, and my entree was Rosemary Grilled Chicken, with black beans and rice.
Extremely delicious!
Then I came back to Orlando and Addison and I went to McDonalds (I pride myself on not having any drive thru yet this year, and it was too soon to break that and so we went in - technically that is not drive thru!) where I had 2 grilled chicken snack wraps.
Then a couple of cocktails out, and then home to finish up the night with some leftover Brie and hummus!
We will see how tomorrow goes.......

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 21

84, Been on a good roll.
Started today by meeting my parents for brunch at Perkins.
I had something called a potato flip, which was a potato pancake filled with eggs, cheese and bacon.
I also ate my fruit and applesauce, but my Dad ate most of my breakfast potatoes.
Then a work out with Lynn.
and then before work, I had Addison and Jeff over for Hor Devores (spelling?)
I made a baked brie with strawberry jam and almonds, some store bought hummus and pita chips, grapes, and a veggie tray with ranch dip.
I'm sure that I consumed too much cheese, but it was delicious!
After work I had a few more bites of leftovers, and now I am off to Poincianna to visit friends.

Day 20

Blood Sugar 81. Wow!
I started today with a yogurt, then i was off to the gym for a workout with Lynn.
Then I went to Happy Hour and before I started drinking I had a grilled chicken sandwich with tomatoes and cucumbers.
Throughout the evening I had about 5 or 6 drinks, but it was over a period of about 8 hours.
For dinner I rewarded myself with a burger and french fries at Graffiti Junktion! I haven't allowed myself to have one in almost 3 weeks and it was such a treat and SOOOOO Delicious!
I only ate about half of the fries.
and then I closed the night with about 2.5 hours of dancing at I BAR!
Such a fun night!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19

So today started with a blood sugar of 114.
Still in my Doctor's ideal 90 - 120, so I was pretty pleased!
I was out driving around early today and decided to stop at Tony's Deli, where I haven't been in awhile.
I got a 4 item platter which included (forgive my spelling) Falafel, Curry Rice, Vegetables and a fried eggplant dish, accompanied by naan and a tahini sauce.
Then I was off to a party at Nicole's house.
My first plate of appetizers is pictured, I had 1 cider and 1 punch, and then a small plate of Puerto Rican Pork and Rice, and some of Barbara's famous hashbrown casserole.
There were tons of desserts there that all looked delicious, however I was proud that I only had one Cannoli. Kathleen made them and I simply could not resist!
Then when I got home we ordered in and I had an Eggplant Parmesan Sub.
In many ways I overdid it today, but not too long ago....(before insulin).... I would have been much worse!
Thank You all for reading!
It was great talking to Aunt Mary tonight about our diabetes.
With enough people trying to help each other out, we can all come closer to reaching our goals!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18

Blood Sugar 104.
and still no drive thru so far in 2010!
Started out the day with French Toast with bananas and almonds.
I put cinnamon and nutmeg in it, and along with the fruit I found that i didn't have to weigh it down with too much butter and syrup. a little of course, but not too much.
Then prior to work I had a ham and cheese Lean Pocket and a glass of V8.
During work a cereal bar, and then after I had another spicy black bean veggie burger with some tortilla chips and a Green Giant Digestive Health Box which contained yellow carrots, White Navy Beans and spinach.
and about half a bag of skittles.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17

108. Yay!
I'm back on track!
started this morning with an egg beaters scramble with red peppers, onions and spinach, and 2 pieces of whole wheat raisin toast.
then lunch was a quesadilla also with peppers, onions and spinach, and some sharp cheddar, along with the rest of my salad from the day before.
a cereal bar before work, an apple right after work,
and then my final meal was a black bean veggie burger, and some black beans, sugar snap peas, edamame, and carrots from the freezer and 1 truffle.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16

Today was much better.
Blood sugar was 122
I started with a bowl of cereal.
Then before work around 6pm I had some leftover Chicken and Rice casserole and a salad with tomatoes, goat cheese and light sweet vidalia onion dressing.
I had a longer shift then I normally do at work, so in the middle of my shift I had a cereal bar, and then at the end of the shift I had a granny smith apple.
Then I came home and had another plate of chicken and rice and salad.
Hopefully tomorrow will be good too.
I need to get on that treadmill.......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 15

Day 15 should be called "Worthless" or "Deep fried and Greasy" or "Horrible Decisions" or "No Nutritional Value"
I started with a sugar of 143, the highest so far this year.
Then, not only did I only eat twice ( a diabetic No No), but they were large portions of terrible food.
However, I feel that 2 good things came out of today's eating choices .....
#1 It was all very tasty and they were all things that I have been craving!
#2 Hopefully this will get some of the "bad" out of my system for a little while.
The bad......
Grease, Fat, Salt, did i mention Grease?
I'm not even going to go into Food descriptions, the photos should explain it all.
I will only say that meal #1 was at Sonny's BBQ and meal #2 was at the Ale House
Oh, and between meals were 3 or 4 cocktails at the bar.
That is all.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow.........

Day 14

I started out with a sugar of 139, a huge jump from the previous day.
Part of my problem was, and always IS, portion control.
I don't think what I had the night before was too terribly bad, but it was too much!
Sometimes I don't eat enough early in the day, and eat too much at night, when it should be the other way around.
I usually know this too be true when I have no hunger when I wake up.
That was the case today.
I did manage to eat a cereal bar and a glass of V8 before the gym.
I had a great workout!
Then I had cooked a chicken and rice casserole that was in my "Cuisine at Home" magazine.
along with a salad with grape tomatoes, avocado and goat cheese, and for dessert I made mini chocolate mouse parfaits from my diabetic living magazine. They were really good and quite decadent!
Then after work, I had some casserole and salad leftovers with some mixed vegetables.
Had I stopped there I would have been fine........
However, there were all of those cashews left!
I couldn't stand it and ate them all up, along with 2 truffles.
I cannot buy snacks like that in bulk, because I do not have the self control to say no.
I hate it!
I wish I had more power when it comes to my late night binge eating!
Maybe tomorrow will be better?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 13

Blood Sugar 86! Whoo Hooo!
I started today off with Cereal and Bananas. I was up earlier then usual due to a meeting at work. Afterwards I had a South Beach Diet Cereal Bar and a 2 hour nap.
Off to the gym to work out with Lynn.
Then dinner at Outback with Howard. I had the outback special 6 oz. with vegetables and sweet potato.
My "later in the evening" meal was whole wheat pasta with chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes and peas.
Then a handful of Cashews! It was too large a handful, probably more like two.
I couldn't help myself.
I love nuts!
Off to watch the Godfather part 2!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 12

So this morning I got up a little earlier then I had expected to, it was about 7.5 hours after I had last eaten.
I decided to go ahead and take my blood sugar and it was 129. So then I took my shower, did my computer stuff and the about an hour and a half later I figured that I would take it again. It was now 9 hours after my last meal and my sugar was 107.
Of course I like this number much better.
So... My question to you is.....Does that extra hour always make 22 points worth of blood sugar?
Has every time in the past where I have had a high blood sugar been because I took it too soon?
I know that keeping a regular schedule is important, and I know that my fasting sugar should be between 90 and 120.
I have a late night schedule, and I am usually up around noon, which is when I usually take my reading, however tomorrow I have to get up at 9am.... so it is now just after midnight and I am done eating for the day, partially because I want to have that 9 hours before my next reading.
I'll keep you posted, but any comments on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
My first meal today was with my mother, we were celebrating her birthday and I took her to Mimi's cafe.
I had a salad with chicken and fruit, and a cup of corn chowder.
Then Jeff and I went to go see Avatar, and so before hand we went to Bentos. I was there 8 days ago and had the Bento box, which I had once again, only this time instead of coconut chicken I had Pad Thai Chicken. I didn't eat much of my rice or my noodles, but otherwise I pretty much finished it.
and then for my final meal, I didn't feel like cooking, so I turned to a frozen dinner....
Amy's Indian Vegetable Korma. Quite delicious for store bought frozen, and it is only 310 calories!

Day 11

I was surprised to have a blood sugar of 102 this morning, especially after those 2 doughnuts, however I was delighted.
Could it be that it might have been closer to a 10 hour fast, rather than an 8 hour? I haven't quite figured out how all of that works yet.
So after I blogged last night, I rented Food Inc on my ITunes. I was terribly disturbed at how they treated those chickens and cows and I decided that I was to become a strict vegetarian, which lasted me through most of the day today.
Upon getting up, I had a yogurt, then I had some Chicken breast in the fridge, and the latest Martha Stewart Everyday Food has a recipe for poaching, so I figured that I would poach them, and then never buy chicken again......
After following the directions, and still giving them a few extra "just in case" minutes, I cut into the chicken to find it way too pink for my liking. I almost just threw them out, but instead I put them back into the poaching liquid and cooked them until fully done.
However, with still being a little grossed out, Nicole, myself and Addison went to Toojays, where I had the veggie Pita platter (pictured)
At this point in the day I was still vegetarian.
a sliced granny smith apple before work.
a south beach diet cereal bar during work.
and then after work I gave up my vegetarianism, and made a quesadilla with chicken peppers and onions (pictured)
followed by a few cheese and crackers and 1 truffle while watching Desperate Housewives.
See you tomorrow............

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10

Morning sugar 123, only 1 point better then yesterday, but still not too bad.
I splurged a little today. French Toast for breakfast. (pictured)
but I did use light syrup.
Then Nicole and I went for lunch at Buca Di Bepo with my parents.
Prosciutto stuffed chicken breast and Apple walnut salad. (pictured)
Then when I got to work I saw that there was not 1, but 2 boxes of doughnuts there.
They haunted me! I tried to resist, but the Chocolate Iced and Cream-Filled delights kept calling to me and I gave in to sin and ate 2 of them.
I am Naughty, Naughty, Naughty!
Then following work I finished up the leftover Moussaka and the leftover Stir Fry from yesterday.
All this, and I didn't even exercise.
Tomorrow I HAVE to get on the treadmill, and I am going to try to eat healthy.
I will say that I am pleased that I haven't had any drive thru so far in 2010.
Now if only I can resist those evil Doughnuts......
Maybe I should get a tattoo of a Doughnut?
I haven't eaten a Snickers bar since I got one tattooed on my leg.........