Friday, June 17, 2011

Update - Doctor's visit

This week I had a follow up Doctor's visit. Since I have be taken off of insulin my Hemoglobin A1C has been slowly rising. Ideally it should be under 7, however at my last appointment (3 months ago) it had risen to 7.7.
I wondered if insulin was crucial to my condition and would she need to put me back on it?
So over the last few months I have been exercising harder and more frequently then ever. Overall I have eaten out less and made healthier choices at home. (I still struggle with food every day)
Much to my excitement and relief, upon reading my results, she was pleased to tell me that my number had dropped to 7.2.
This is the first time I have reduced my HA1C without adding more medication.
I am thrilled, however it makes me want to try that much harder to bring it down under 7.
I know that the additional exercise was a large factor with my diabetes, as well as I had a really good Cholesterol report.
More Exercise (I'm keeping a good workout log)
Better Eating
I am going to succeed!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love produce!

So I am taking a break from Restaurant Reviewing for a couple of weeks. Not only is this a busy time for me at work, but I have been enjoying hitting the Produce Stands and fixing my own meals (still dining out a little, but trying to cut back for now)
Mark has also been cooking, so there is plenty of delicious food to choose from.
I am currently weighing in today at 182.2. I am slowly getting down to the 170's but need to give that extra push.
I have been doing my Cardio pretty religiously, doing an average of 5 days a week.
I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks, and I am hoping for a good report.
That is the health update, more after I get official doctor's news, or I successfully get below 180, whichever comes first!