Monday, September 13, 2010

Carmela's in Longwood

So, I am on a bit of a blogging hiatus.
But I will tell you that I have been doing excellent!
My blood sugars have been in range.
and I am feeling pretty good.
I want to use this posting to shift away from the diabetes a little and focus on the food.
Yesterday Nicole and I were coming back from Lake Mary and stopped for lunch at Carmelas.
I have been eyeing it for a couple of years now, but have never stopped.
It was pretty delicious!
Our starter was the Hand Made Mozzarella which is made fresh daily, and is served with tomatoes, red peppers, basil and olive oil with balsamic on the side.
Then I asked our server what her favorite pasta dish was and I went with that.
Penne Pasta, Fresh grilled Chicken and Mushrooms in a pink sauce.
a great choice.
Health wise I did OK, I only ate half and took the rest home and ate it before work.
a couple of snacks at work, but no heavy meal after, and my fasting sugar was 84.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eating at home

As most of you know I LOVE to go out to eat!
Over the last three days however, i have decided to avoid restaurants to see how my blood sugars are when I eat my own food.
The first photo is from when I went to dinner at my friend Marc Begeal's house. He prepared a roast pork, rice, tostones and avocado.
Extremely delicious!
Other then that i have made Nachos, Pasta, Salads, etc...
I have tried to eat a decent breakfast, and have limited my late night eating to small portions.

It has payed off....

The last three morning blood sugars....


Just where they should be!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, September 2nd

I tried to eat pretty healthy today.....
Breakfast... Cereal, Honeydew, Cheese and Figs
Lunch... Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers instead of fries
Dinner... Grilled Cheese sandwich and Tomato Soup

Fasting Sugar.... 88

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st

Yesterday was a trip out of town to St. Augustine.
I hadn't been there in years, and I had looked up a restaurant that i wanted to try.
It is called the Present Moment Cafe and is raw and organic.
I had Creamy White Truffle Pesto Pasta – $11
Fresh zucchini pasta tossed with our pesto and sun cured tomatoes finished with pine nut
“parmesan”. Served with our spring mix salad.
Then we walked around the city and then headed down A1A and had dinner at Aunt Catfish on the River.
I hadn't been there in years either, and it was just as good as I remembered.
Along with their delicious Salad Bar, Baked Beans, Cheese Grits, Cinnamon Apples and CornBread (as it that weren't enough) I ordered Chicken Shortcake (most of it came home with me in a doggy bag) which was pulled Chicken and Vegetables over cornbread with Hollandaise sauce. Plus the meal also came with a Baked Potato, a Hushpuppy and a Cinnamon Roll.
I know that i will be enjoying the leftovers later today.....

Fasting Blood Sugar.....92.
I'm doing good!