Monday, December 31, 2012

a new year....

Well, the new year is almost here.
I just looked over my "fasting blood sugar" sheet for the month of december.
Most of my readings were between 130 and 160.
The whole month long there were only 3 that were in the range that they should fall in.
I haven't been eating badly, and the increase in my exercise has been outstanding.
I really can't explain why my blood results are not better, except for the possibility that my current medication might not be enough.....
However, for some reason, I am not discouraged.

I feel that over the next few months my endocrinologist (and I ) will come up with the right solutions to get my sugars in a more desirable range.

In the meantime I have decided to try out a new journey, one that I have been considering for a couple of years now.

I have watched several documentary shows and films on going Vegan.
This past week I watched Vegucated, and I have decided that in the new year I am going to give it a try.

I'm not saying for how long, and I'm not saying how extreme I will go, but I do think that a plant-based diet will do my body good for a little while.

This being said, Mark and I are leaving tomorrow (1/1/13) and going to Ft. Myers for a few days.
During this time I am going to eat whatever I want!
Now I am not going to "Pig Out" just for Pigging Out's sake.
I will still be sensible and work out, but if there is something I want to eat I am going to eat it.

I have even purchased a couple of my favorite "Guilty Pleasures" to take with me, and I will enjoy every bite.

There are also a couple of restaurants that we will be dining at where I will probably not order off of the diabetic-friendly portion of the menu.

But I do promise to not go crazy, and I look forward to comparing these results to the results after I have "gone Vegan" for a little while.

I will keep you all posted on my progress.

and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you all!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lunch and Learn Live - Emily Ellyn

I recently attended a taping of Lunch and Learn Live, which is filmed at the Florida Hospital Diabetes Center.
My friend and Food Network Star finalist Emily Ellyn was the celebrity guest chef!
She cooked a holiday meal that fits in to the Healthy 100 approved cooking guidelines, and I must say that it was absolutely delicious!!!

I have tried several ways to add the video on here, but there is something wrong with the way it is embedded, but I think you should be able to get there by clicking HERE

This is the finished product of the "Diabetic Friendly" Holiday Meal.
It was SO good, you will never miss those extra Calories and Fat.

Emily and Me
Also, be sure to check out her WEBSITE and get one of her 2013 Calendars, they make an excellent stocking stuffer and she will personally autograph each one that you order!
Get em before it is too late!

Also.... I just made her recipe for Mashed Potato/ Parsnip/ Sweet Potato
Good and Good For You!!!!

Thanks Emily!

Look for new projects in the near future that she and I will be collaborating on!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Post Doctor's Appointment

It has been 10 days since my Doctor's appointment.
I have been doing OK.
I've just gotten in Exercise mode, it has taken me this long however.
I joined the YMCA and will be going to a few exercise classes there.
I have tried to keep "dining out" to a minimum, and you can see by the photos below the types of things I have been ordering when I do go out.



There have been some Holiday Parties as well, and a couple of nights where I had alcohol, but not too many!

I had one fasting blood sugar of 

But other then that one they have mostly been between 130 and 150.
I'm hoping that once I get on a more consistent exercise program that they will be a little lower.

I recently went to an exciting event at the Diabetes Center that I will be posting about over the next couple of days, as well as giving updates of my progress.

Friday, December 7, 2012

December 5th 2012

Started the day with a bowl of Cereal and an apple


Then for lunch I re-heated my Eggplant from yesterday.
Still it was too much so I only ate half of the plate.


Then off to meet my new Endocrinologist! 
I loved the building for the New Diabetes Center.
(well, its two years old, but new for me)
My new Doctor was wonderful!
He took plenty of time with me for my appointment, and gave me plenty of opportunity for me to ask questions.
We decided that we will leave my medication as it is for now, and will check my HA1C again in three months.
If it has not improved by then we will adjust my medication at that time.
He also told me that we have many options... Insulin and Stronger Pills will be an option.
When that time comes I will find out which will be better for me longer-term with the least amount of complications and go that route.

I may also me taking another Nutrition Class with a Dietician (depending on how much it costs)

Then before work I had the rest of my Eggplant
(Note to self - one portion from the restaurant makes three servings)
and I also cooked some Beet Greens that I bought
(I'll cook the Beets in the next few days)


I didn't eat after the bar because I knew I would be getting up for an early Breakfast the next day.
I guess going to bed hungry paid off, for the first time in a long time I was back in range.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 4th 2012

Running some errands and hitting the produce store today.
John and I had lunch at Il Pescatore. I have a friend who works there and he has been asking me to come in for some time now.
I started with some Garlic Bread and a House Salad.

House Salad

For my entree I ordered Eggplant Rollitini.
(I haven't been eating that much meat lately - I wonder if being a Vegetarian is a good option for me? If so i will definitely need to reduce my Cheese intake - which this meal was NOT a good example of)
I switched out the regular Pasta that it comes with for Whole Wheat Pasta - I figure every little bit helps.

Eggplant Rolitini

I also wanted to take a picture of my plate when I was finished.
I packed up over half of it and took it home with me.

I took the rest home with me

Then after a day of Produce shopping....
(Brussels sprouts, Apples, Bananas, Spinach, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers and Two kinds of Beets - all for $20!)
I had the rest of the Black Bean Chili.

Around 10pm Mark took me to the movies where I had a bag of those Candied Almonds.

fasting sugar....

I know that a big bag of sugared Nuts is not a wise choice for my final meal.
and tomorrow is my first visit with the Endocrinologist, which I am very excited about.
I have all my paperwork in order and my previous medical history printed out for him.
Wish me luck!

December 3rd 2012

Started today with a bowl of Cereal with Strawberries.
I knew I would be away from home the rest of the day and would be dining out, so I wanted to at least get a good start.

Cereal with Strawberries

We had a late lunch at Nikki's Place, which is a Soul Food restaurant, with most Deep Fat Fried items and no healthy options, so I asked the server if they happen to have any boneless Chicken.
She said they did have boneless chicken (Breast or Thigh) and that they could grill if for me if I liked.
It was a heavily seasoned Breast grilled, served on Rice and topped with Onions.
For my sides I chose Yams (sinfully sweet) and Black Eyed Peas.
Now in NO WAY was this a Healthy meal - but I did feel good about cutting a few corners.
and it was also really satisfying.

Grilled Chicken, Yams and Black Eyed Peas

Now my final meal of the day was not so great.
It was a Deep Fried Chicken sandwich with Chips from Bananas Diner.
plus it was a late night meal after my event.

morning sugar....

December 2nd 2012

Breakfast - a piece of Wheat Toast with Peanut Butter and a slice Banana

Banana and Peanut butter on toast

I spent most of the day recovering, although I was feeling much better and would return to work at 6pm
I snacked on leftovers - some more Black Bean Chili and some more Mac N Cheese

During work I had a Granola Bar.
After work I was starving!
(once again - I need to eat better when I work those long shifts)

I drove John home after the bar and he said he would buy me a sandwich if I stopped at WAWA.
I wondered what would be the healthiest way to eat there?
I decided to get the 6 inch rather then the 10 inch
I also opted for the Wheat roll and just got a Veggie Sub.
Lettuce, Spinach, Pickles, Cucumbers and roasted Red Peppers.
It actually tasted pretty good!

Veggie Sub from WAWA

Morning Sugar...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 1st 2012

Not feeling very well still.
I had previously arranged for my shift to be covered tonight, so it was nice that I didn't have to worry about working.

I started with a bowl of Cereal with Walnuts and a Banana

Cereal with Bananas

Then a few hours later I was craving some comfort food so I decided to make some Mac-N-Cheese
(I know this is not healthy - but I felt like indulging)
I shredded some cheese from the freezer and added in some Bacon Crumbles.
Once it was done baking I has a portion with a Salad.
(Funny, the Salad was more enjoyable to me then the Mac-N-Cheese)
It was good, just a little greasy.
maybe I shouldn't have added the Bacon?
I remember once making a "Healthier" Mac-N-Cheese recipe that called for half Cheese and the other half Pureed Butternut Squash.
I wonder if I should re-visit that recipe or come up with some other "Healthier" recipe for this classic dish that I do love (from time to time)

Mac N Cheese and Salad

The Nyquil was still working and I took about a 3 hour nap!

When I got up I finished the other half of the Thanksgiving Sandwich from the previous day, as well as a little more Mac.

Since I was sick and bored I re-subscribed to Netflix.
I watched a documentary called Forks over Knives
It is about the health factors of not eating meat and eating a plant-based diet instead.
Seems to be beneficial (and almost healing) to both Diabetes and Cholesterol (both which affect me)
It is something to consider!!!!!!

Cereal with Strawberries

For my final meal (along with another half dose of Nyquil) I had another bowl of Cereal - this time with Strawberries!

morning sugar......
It's not like I was expecting it to be good.
I'll be back to work now, so hopefully things will start turning around since I will be a little more active.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 30th 2012

I woke up with a sore throat and the feeling of potentially get a cold.
I started with a Breakfast Parfait with Fresh Strawberries, Cereal, Walnuts and Fat Free Greek Yogurt.

Breakfast Parfait

A couple of hours later I made another Thanksgiving Sandwich.
I only ate half and wrapped the other half and put in in the fridge.
Then I went back to bed for a nap.

Thanksgiving Sandwich

Still not feeling well I took some Dayquil and had some of my Black Bean Vegetarian Chili.

Veggie Chili

and then just before I went in to work Mark fixed me another plate.
One Canneloni, one slice Veggie Pizza, and some salad topped with Strawberries and Cranberry Sauce.

Canneloni, Veggie Pizza, Salad

Half way through work I got really sick (congested, runny nose, sinus headache)
so I left early.

I had a little more Black Bean Chili followed by a big dose of NyQuil.

In the morning (I wonder if it was largely due to the Nyquil?) I had a blood sugar of....

November 29th 2012

started with a bowl of Cereal with a sliced Banana and some Walnuts.
Then off to the Winter Park Wellness Center which is part of the YMCA.
I joined today.
It was so much fun.
I did 30-40 minutes on the Eliptical Machine, 15 minutes of walking on the indoor track, and an hour long Water Aerobics Class.
I plan on having many more days like this.

I treated myself to lunch afterwards at Ethos Vegan Kitchen.
I had the special of the day which was a Buffalo Chickun Wrap.
(Although the Chickun was Tofu-Based it really tasted like Chicken - Delicious!)

Buffalo Chickun Wrap

Then when I got home I did some computer work and around 7pm I had two slices of Homemade Veggie Pizza and some Hummus.
I had been making some Vegatarian Black Bean Chili in a crock pot, and I had that for my final meal around 10:30pm

Veggie Chili

morning sugar....