Friday, November 26, 2010


It has been a while since I have blogged. As I look at the blood sugar log that i keep i realize that it has been over three weeks.
The previous post mentions a 108, well that is the lowest that it has been for quite some time.... I see mostly numbers in the 120's and also a 131, a 134, and a 137.
In the big picture, these numbers are still OK for me. I remember a few years ago, prior to any medication I once had a blood sugar of almost 400. So although i try not to beat myself up if my high is 137, I still need to remember to try to keep them right around 100.
My Doctor says that anything between 80 and 120 is good and should be my goal, so I am going to strive to keep it within those parameters. My next Doctor's appointment is in about three weeks. This will be the first time I have been in since she took me off of insulin.
What will my results be?
Will she be pleased with my A1C test numbers?
Will she lower my pill medication?
Will she need to increase it?
All I can do between now and then is try to keep my numbers as low as possible.
Now, All i have talked about is how high my numbers have been, and that is true until about five days ago.
Over this period I have been trying several different approaches... No Carbs Before Bed at Night, Calorie Counting, Not dining out, etc.
All results were jumping all over the place, and were inconsistent.
I have often found this to be true and it can be frustrating.
However over the past few days, much to Mark's encouragement, I have eaten much smaller portions of healthier, lighter food before bed and have had the following fasting blood sugars...
108, 104, 77 94
a much more desirable range!
and then we come to yesterday... THANKSGIVING!
You all know how bad that Holiday can be. Easily a reading in the 200's!
and I had several different Thanksgivings to attend!
First there was the one at my parents house, then a stop by Patrick's house, and finally one at my house with a few co-workers.
My goal was to try everything, which i did, but to pretty much just get a small taste of each dish.
My parents was simple, and food wise I did good. Dessert wise I had a piece of the Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie that i had made and the Panna Cotta that Mark had made. I could have had a smaller amount of each, but I still did pretty good.
Patrick's house was just an Antipasto platter (Thank God) where I probably tasted a little too much cheese, but still showed restraint.
Then came my house, I had made a second Chocolate Pecan Pie (so i didn't have to try it again this time) and a Baked Brie and some Paula Deen Sausage Balls (both of which i just nibbled on) The guests however brought all sorts of things... Roasted pork and root vegetables, Mac and cheese, Green Bean Casserole, Deviled eggs, Scalloped Potatoes, Meatballs, Strawberry/ Lemon Cake, a mystery Brownie/ Angel Food Cake, and Brownie bites.
Oh Lord, I must apply self control!
I enjoyed a small portion of everything, really just one paper plate full, but still... how would by blood sugar in the morning be?
The foods were all so rich and caloric.
The goal....anywhere between 80 and 120.
The fasting sugar... 116.
Mission accomplished.
Next keep it BELOW 120 for the next three weeks until my Doctor's appointment.
Most likely i will not make a blog entry every single day, but I will keep you all in the loop.
Thank You

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Goblin Market

I have been referred by a couple of different people that if I had the chance I should visit The Goblin Market in Mt. Dora, FL.
well after hearing about this place and wanting to try it for about 3 years, i finally had the chance earlier this week.
It is a charming little place, tucked back in one of the nooks and crannies of the very quaint downtown Mt. Dora, and upon entering I knew that it was somewhere special.
Very charming, and informative staff, very nice and interesting atmosphere, and most importantly... The Food!

I started with fried green tomatoes - fresh green tomato, sliced thin and lightly breaded. layered with goat & cream cheese. finished with a tomatillo-bacon drizzle. It was delicious and decadent!

My entree was sunflower seed crusted chicken milanese - sauteed breast of chicken with a fine sunflower seed crust over capellini. with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomato, asparagus & scallion. finished with a pesto herb cream sauce. Extremely delicious and flavorful and rich. (I had to take half of it home with me) It was also accompanied by a fresh garden salad.

and then for dessert Mark and I split a Banana and Chocolate Cheesecake.

I loved the whole experience. I had heard that it was a little on the pricey side, however for the two of us (Mark also had an appetizer and an appetizer-entree) the bill was $73 which i felt was very reasonable for a special occasion, especially when you take in to account how great the atmosphere, service, and quality of the food was.
and just as a side note, they also have a really nice bathroom!


So the next night I found myself at Banana's diner for the second night in a row.
This time i was going to find the healthiest thing on the menu.
I knew that my blood sugar would be lower, and i would prove that it is OK to eat out after work, providing that I make the right choices!
Sadly there weren't really any "healthy" choices on the menu, it is a diner and all.
However it wasn't very busy, so I felt it was Ok to custom order something and I knew the chef would have no problem with it.
I told them I wanted diced Avocado, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes with a Grilled Chicken Breast. Bleu Cheese Dressing on the side.
They gave me exactly what i wanted and it was Delicious!
So proud of how "good" I was being!

But much to my dismay, the next morning's sugar was once again 117.
Burger and Onion Rings or Vegetables and Chicken?
Does it matter? I might as well get the Burger!
At least that is how i felt. I know that i still did the right thing, and that Blood sugar is more then just one meal - it can be effected by Stress, Exercise, the Mood I'm in, etc....

The following 2 sugars were 108, and 115.
I still want them a little lower.
I did have an amazing meal in Mt. Dora the day before yesterday, that will be in the next blog, it deserves a whole blog of its own!