Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Attitude

I have had an interesting week.
Some of it has been very rough.
Some of it has been very good.
I have done a lot of internet research.
I have gone through my Hemoglobin A1C reports since I was first diagnosed and I have made a chart of my progress over the last several years - It was very revealing to me!
I found and have been re-reading my workbook and paperwork from the Diabetes Class that I took several years ago.

I was a little surprised to see that I took this class in May of 2007.
It's been Five and a half years now!

I have re-grouped and am feeling positive.
I'm super-excited about working with the Endocrinologist.
I have also decided to get this blog back to what it use to be!
I will start photographing everything that I eat again, and submit a blog post every day with my food that I have eaten, my exercise, and my fasting Blood Sugars.
I will start on November 1st and log in everything for at least a whole month.
Since I will have a new Doctor on my team this will be a way for him to track the kinds of foods and quantities that I have been eating, and hopefully he can give me some pointers.
I'm also hoping to meet with a dietician at some point!

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

All New Diabetes Can Be Delicious!

So as I read over my past few blog posts I realize that this Blog has changed.
There are no longer beautiful pictures of the food that I am eating.
It's mostly just me complaining about my health issues.
How can I get it back to being a positive and encouraging blog?

Well, this week when I went to my Doctor I got some bad news...
My Hemoglobin A1C increased yet again.
Last time it was 7.7, and I needed to get it under 7
I was horrified when she told me that it had risen to 8.2.
Not good.

She wants me to go and see an Endocrinologist, in hopes that they can do a more specific job of regulating my sugars.
The first appointment that is available is in the beginning of December.
I have about six weeks.

So, I have been thinking long and hard about it for the past few days.
I must eat better! (Although no matter how good I am I will always be able to say that I need to eat better)

I will search the internet for healthier recipes, as well as creating my own.

My New Mission:
To prepare DELICIOUS foods that are more diabetic friendly, but that do not sacrifice flavor!
To take beautiful photographs of my food and post them on this blog.
To post recipes to share with others in hopes of inspiring them.
To once again realize for myself that Diabetes Can Be Delicious!

Ultimate Goal:
To have a lower H A1C, to start enjoying food again, to exercise more, to be healthy

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Emily Ellyn

It has been a little while since I have posted.

Things are good.

I did my bloodwork for my next Dr's appointment today, so next week after my visit I will post again with the updates.

Eating well is a struggle every day, however I am finding that when I cook at home more, and eat five small meals rather then a couple large meals that I have more consistent blood sugars.

Over the last few months they have kind of been all over the place.

I'm also finding that no matter how well I eat the rest of the day that if I have PASTA at all during the day that my sugars are high.

I wonder if Whole Wheat Pasta would be better?

Anyway I have not put weight back on (other then the day to day fluctuation of a couple of lbs.)

and I just got a new cookbook with some awesome recipes in it so I plan to cook some new things in the very near future - blogs to follow. 

and I just saw a write up from my friend Emily Ellyn with a video and a few great recipes.

please check it out at here

also check out her website here

Follow up will be posted next week!