Thursday, March 21, 2013

Paula Deen

Last week I got to attend a Diabetes Lecture and Cooking Class with Paula Deen!

I had received an email (possibly because I was a blogger or possibly because I am on a Florida Hospital mailing list) but either way I was invited to go to the Florida Hospital sponsored "Cooking to a Healthy 100" Lecture and Cooking Demo.
I was given a media pass which got me a seat in the 4th row!!!

This allowed me to get some pretty decent photos.

As I expected Paula was funny, witty, and very open with her own struggles with diabetes. 
I feel like the auditorium was mostly filled with Paula Deen fans (which I include myself in that group too - those of you that know me know that my TV constantly stays on the Food Network, and living in Savannah throughout my college years I can definitely relate to her).
However I was not there just because I was a fan, I was there because I am diabetic and I wanted to learn something from the Lady!
When she told the stories of not wanting to admit that she was a diabetic, and also her daily struggles of balancing healthy food with food that she has made a career of, that is when I really fell in love with her. She also talked about the importance of eating what you want - but maybe just having a "bite of this" or a "piece of that" instead of eating "the whole thing".
She did a Cooking Demo of "Healthy 100" approved Chicken Fajitas that was so fun to watch, and they also brought up several chefs from local restaurants that are now serving "Healthy 100" approved items on their menus.

Such a fun day, such a great Lady, so glad I went!!!!

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