Monday, March 18, 2013

Latest Endocrinologist Appointment

On 3/5/13 I had another appointment with Dr. Banda. 
This was my first meeting with him (with follow up bloodwork) since December. 
Previously my HA1C was 8.2. 
During this time I stepped up my exercise a little by joining the YMCA and attending Pilates and Water Aerobics classes in addition to the exercise that I had previously been getting.
I also have given up Meat (for a little while - over two months now and I am still loving it)
My latest bloodwork results - HA1C - 7.9.
Not a huge decrease, but a little bit.
Dr. Banda would still like to see me with a lower number (As would I), so he decided to add another pill to my regimen.
I am maxed out on Glimepiride and Metformin, so to that he added a 5mg tablet of Tradjenta.
Then he scheduled me to come back in four months (Early July) to see how it has worked out.
I will continue on my quest for Healthy Eating and I will also continue (and increase) my exercise.

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