Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dining Out Meatless

Well I have been MEATLESS for almost two months now!
I have cooked my own food more then I have in a long time, however I do still like to go out to eat from time to time.
I thought this was going to be difficult, however it has been rather easy.

Any Asian restaurant can accommodate by doing a Vegetable Noodle or Rice Bowl.

Any Indian restaurant always offers several Vegetarian dishes.

and just about any Burger Joint offers a Veggie Burger of some kind.
(I love Veggie Burgers and am finding that certain restaurants have really nice ones - and it is not always the places that you would expect!)

and any chance I can get I have lunch from the Whole Foods bar! So good!

Doctor's appointment next week!
I'll keep you updated on the results.

I wonder if this MEATLESS eating has improved my blood sugars at all?

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